Scarborough Amateur Rowing Club | learn to row
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learn to row

inspired by the olympics and want to learn to row?

Are you the next Steve Redgrave, Helen Glover or just want to row recreationally? It doesn’t matter, just come and give rowing a go.


We can guarantee that;


You will find it stupidly rewarding when you get it right

You will start to bore your family and friends about how great it is

You will not be able look a stretch of water and not want to row on it

Your body shape will change

Your fitness and flexibility will improve

You realise that no one at your local gym knows how to use an ergo (rowing machine) properly


Sign up, and join a bunch of very committed and enthusiastic rowers of all ages.

if you would like to learn to row and become a member of this very successful rowing club then call 01723 361857 or complete the enquiry form on the contact us page